I am sure that a lot of you are curious about my work. When someone asks me about what I do, they usually think that I am a bum when I say that I am a freelancer. Some people do not realise that this is a real job and it takes a lot of hard work to be as busy as I am.

There are people who think that I am lucky that I have this type of career. Well, it does have its perks. I like the fact that I can work anywhere and anytime I want to. But this freedom has a couple of responsibilities too. I need to make sure that I am always occupied. Without clients, I will not earn. I really need to impress my clients so they will keep hiring me for the job. That burden can be stressful. But then again, I like what I am doing so I naturally want to do a good job all the time.

About what I do as a social media manager

Most people are confused about my work as a social media manager. Basically, my work involves creating, implementing, and monitoring social media campaigns. Most of my clients have their own social media accounts and it is my job to make sure engagement is high.

My job involves a lot of things. I have to create content to post on various social media sites. I also need to make sure that the content will help reach the goals of my clients. If they need awareness for a new product, I need to come up with some content to make that happen. Sometimes, they just want to keep the hype around their business. I just have to make sure there is always an update in their accounts. I also communicate with some of the visitors – or I notify them when someone needs an official answer.

Some of my clients require me to manage their emails too. This does not really involve as much work as managing social media accounts – but it still requires hard work.

I need to be careful in scheduling my work week to ensure that all the needs of my clients are met. This can be tough – especially if I have a lot of clients. But I like how it keeps me really busy.

From freelancer to employee

While everything about my work is keeping me fulfilled and satisfied, I have been thinking about being employed for once. I was only employed for a year or so after I graduated. After that, I started freelancing and I have been doing so for the past 3 years. I cannot say that I am already an expert in social media marketing but I know enough. However, I am not really sure if it is something that will land me a job.

All of these are still not final but I hope I can clear my head enough to figure out what I really want to do about my work.