The top social media sites have come a long way. Some of them are still new while others have been here from the beginning. These sites have come a lot way and have gone through a lot of changes already.

But which of these sites are used the most? Each of them offers a different experience but all of them give us one thing – a platform to connect and share with each other.

Top social media sites being used

So what are the top social networking sites that users love to go to?


It is not really surprising to find this one on top. It has 2 billion active users. Not only that, 1 billion users log into it daily. You can practically do anything on this site and the developers of Facebook are working hard to make sure there is a constant improvement.


Another one of the social media sites that is popular today is Twitter. The fact that people are restricted to 280 characters does not even deter anyone. You can still attach photos, videos, and even GIFs to your posts. The hashtag is also something that can help everyone see what is trending. It is a great way to keep tabs on what other people are thinking and feeling about certain issues – whether it is political, social, or even personal.


This is a social networking site that is perfect for professionals. If you want to make connections, this is the site that you want to go to. Given the competitive nature of business today, it is not a wonder that this is one of the top social media sites. It is the perfect place to promote both business and personal skills.


Although Google was late in the game, they have managed to get a lot of user engagement in the past few years. Maybe because this is Google. Although their first few attempts to come up with a social media site has failed in the past, they finally did something right with Google+. The site started as a replica of Facebook – but soon found its own niche by focusing on communities and social groups.


Finally, you have the best video streaming site – YouTube. This is the best place to browse videos and get informative materials. This is actually considered as a search engine – second only in size to Google. Despite that, it is still widely considered as a social networking site.

What do you think of these top social media sites? Will they continue being on top or will some other site topple them over?