Before you start learning about this blog and social media marketing, let me introduce myself first.

My name is Larry and I live in Sheffield. I work as a freelancer for several companies. My main role is taking care of their social media marketing requirements. Since that is my career, you can expect that this blog will be all about social media and how you can market your business through this platform.

About social media marketing

But what is social media marketing all about? Before we can dwell on that, let us identify what social media is.

Social media is not just about Facebook or Twitter. It is any technology that allows us to create and share ideas, information, and any form of expression – whether it is for personal or business purposes. These are shared in virtual networks and communities.Given that definition, you should be able to form ideas about this blog and what social media marketing is. After all, marketing is all about communication. When you market a business, you focus on making your target audience understand what it is all about. You need to come up with a way to make them take notice and understand the truth about it.

This is where social media becomes a great platform to work in. Social media has come to a point where people rely on it for information. New content, stories, discoveries, and almost everything that goes on in this world can be seen on social media sites. If you use it correctly, you can actually market any product or service through this platform. You can reach your target audience easily if you know social media marketing strategies.

About the website

If you are interested in social media marketing, you will find a lot of things about this blog to be very useful. At the very least, you will get an idea about social media marketing in general. There will also be articles about strategies that you can use as you use social media for the business. In all honesty, this is a great platform to utilise because it has a very wide reach.

Social media has a lot of potentials and it is evident that it will evolve over time. There are so many possibilities and that is something that makes this career very exciting.I will also tell you all about my job as a freelancer – which is amazing, by the way. While it is great to work as a freelancer, being a social media marketer is hard work. I will tell you all about that in this blog. Through this blog, I will share some of my projects – like promotions for online casinos and other businesses.

What you need to know about this blog is that it will also be about my life – but mostly as a social media marketer. I would love to share what I know with all of you. While I don’t really see myself as an expert, I can be honest about what I work on and how I approach different projects. I hope that will help you realise the importance of this career in today’s digital age.